We received the Mitsui Kagaku Award!

We received the Mitsui Kagaku Award at the Biotech Grand Prix 2023 organized by LEAVE A NEST.
Leave a Nest社 主催の バイオテックグランプリ2023 にて 三井化学賞を受賞 しました。

“TECH PLANTER”of “Leave a Nest” company is an ecosystem designed to play the role of a “planter” for scientific and technological “seeds” generated by numerous universities, research institutions, and corporate laboratories, with the aim of fostering their practical applications.

The “Biotech Grand Prix” is a program aimed at discovering and nurturing technology seeds and entrepreneurs in the real-tech field, including biotechnology, healthcare, medicine, drug development, medical devices, research tools, and more.

In September 2023, we were nominated as a finalist in this program and received the “Mitsui Kagaku Award” during the Demo Day on the 23rd.

Leave a Nest社の「テックプランター」とは数多の大学や研究機関、企業の研究所が生み出した科学技術の「種」を実用化に向けて芽吹かせるプランターとしての役割を担うことを目的としたエコシステムです。




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