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Konagaya Akihiko, CEO,  professor emeritus

Our project has been adopted by the NEDO project titled “Technology Development Project on Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Evolving with Human Beings (P20006, FY2020 – FY2024)“. We are promoting the “Research and Development of Molecular Robot Co-Creation Environment Using AI and VR” in collaboration with Hokkaido University and Kyoto University (Hokkaido University until 2022).

Molecular robots, like living organisms, are composed of self-assembled biomolecules such as phospholipids, DNA, and proteins, which have “senses” and “intelligence,” and can operate autonomously using chemical energy such as ATP. So far, Dr. Konagaya, the president and director, has participated the following projects promoting research on molecular robots:

Although molecular robotics research has made great progress in basic research over the past decade, the path to practical application is still far from complete. Therefore, I took the opportunity of leaving the Tokyo Institute of Technology in March 2020 to establish a joint venture, the Molecular Robotics Research Institute. We would like to work on design technology, development technology, application technology, and ethical issues of molecular robots such as VR simulation and real-time predictive control, while collaborating with and receiving support from universities and private companies.

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Molecular Robotics Research Institute, Co., Ltd.

Akihiko Konagaya, CEO


分子ロボットは、生物と同様に、リン脂質、DNA、蛋白質などの生体分子の自己組織化により構成され、「感覚」と「知能」を備え、ATPなどの化学エネルギーを用いて自律的に動作する人工物である 。これまでに、代表兼所長の小長谷は、新学術領域研究「分子ロボティクス」(アメーバ班代表,2012-2016年度)、NEDO「分子人工筋肉プロジェクト」(研究開発責任者2016-2019年度)、科研費「分子人工膵島細胞プロジェクト」(代表、2017-2019)、JST「分子ロボット倫理プロジェクト」(代表、2016年度, 2017-2020年度)として、分子ロボットの研究推進に携わってきました。



株式会社 分子ロボット総合研究所

小長谷明彦 代表取締役,東工大名誉教授